Terms of Conditions

Question and Answers: This site is more open but well monitored. Answer may get older. The responsible person is who posted question and answers.

10 minutes deposit: We try our best to deposit within 10 minutes. Due to technical difficulties we may need one hour or more. You can ask for money back if you are not paid within one hour.

Betting/Gambling: We are against online betting. we do not help you create, verify, use betting account. We help new business grow online but not gambling.

Right Number: You ensure that you provide right number for bKash/Rocket. Right bank account number for banking.

Right e-mail address: You send us right email address. Any spelling mistake may result unwanted outcome, you accept that.

Legal usage: You agreed that you will use the money for the legal purpose. Anything illegal may result according to the law of Bangladesh.

Account Hold: You are responsible to verify, re-verify your account at different money sites. We may help you but this is not a part of our service.

One hour payment: We may need one hour to pay you, even sometimes more due to availability of service. We try our best to pay within a few minutes.

Verification: In extreme cases, the suspicious transaction may get additional verification process like photo id, location, physical verification.

Additional Fees: We do not have any hidden fee over a transaction. If you do bKash you will bear bKash cost. The same rule applies to Rocket, UCash. Face2Face transaction has no cost at all. Banking is also free in Dhaka city. From other city the bank may ask online fee which will be carried by you.