skrill to neteller problem

Did you face decline error while you transfer money from skrill to neteller? This was not common but now a days we are facing same issue repeated.

skrill problem while neteller loading

Probable reasons for Skrill to Neteller transaction Problems

  • Skrill server is somehow can’t handle your request. This may be a temporary issue.
  • Recently skrill has improved their security system, which may be protecting it.
  • We see some DNS changes at skrill, which may create a temporary server to server communication gap.
  • Your name at skrill and at Neteller may be partially or wholly different. We are not sure whether transfer from a different account is allowed. Probably yes but not verified yet.
  • Please check you have verified all of your details.
  • Skrill may be applying some limitations but did not tell us.
  • Maybe this problem is applicable to some third world countries, first world people receive first class service always.

We do not guarantee that these are all issues. There maybe some other issues we did not notice. Please comment if you find something which may help skrill and Neteller community.


We believe, you know skrill and neteller are under same company which is PaySafe. Most of the time you get notification from PaySafe containing offers, news etc. Skrill is mostly used to receive freelancer payment, affiliate commission, one time contract online works, remote payments. Neteller is commonly used to spend money where a card is necessary like facebook advertising, adwords etc. The largest use of both is betting, online betting is mostly paid by Neteller first then skrill. In some countries, skrill does not permit to deposit as it is limited by law. Neteller is wider and open to deposit.

We believe PaySafe company will tell us why Skrill to Neteller error happening. The below nightmare will be over.

Your transaction was declined. Please retry your transaction. If the problem persists please contact Skrill Customer Servicefor assistance.

Good luck skrill and Neteller users.

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