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1$ = 77.6 TK (Send)
1$ = 76.0 TK (Receive)   Updated: 07/08/14

This is a volunteer based service. Money send is based on availability of fund.

Receive Paypal Payment from Bangladesh

Freelance Payment
If you are a freelancer and that freelancing site pays only via Paypal it is good news to you that we will receive money for you. We receive paypal money from various countries.
Affiliation Works
If you work as an affiliates of different sites. If a site pays via PayPal, you can start working there. We will receive the money and give it to you.

Many of the affiliates earning huge, why not you.
Sale your items
You can sale items form your website and receive payment using our paypal accounts. Sale software, games, pdf, tutorials. Once you have good amount received, collect them from us.
Work for Someone
If you work for someone who is in abroad, there need a payment solution to receive funds from him/her.

We can help you to receive payments from your buyers.
Donation Amount
Sometimes somebody willing to donate for your project. You need to receive the fund, let us help you.

You can also receive fund from your relatives. This is a temporary solution.
Othe sources whether paypal or Card, you need to receive money and we can do the job smoothly for you.

Call: 01737570077

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