Payza to bKash in 10min 68tk Rate

Due to high rate of fraud type transaction this service is not available, please call for update.

Need immediate cash but can’t wait long for bank transfer?


We are here to help you. We will handle the long waiting of bank transfer, withdrawal. You give us your payza balance and we will give you cash or bKash in 10 minutes, yes in 10 minutes.

Contact: 01737570077


Why are we helping you Withdraw Payza in Bangladesh?

Very simple.

We are earning some coins, giving you some facilities.

Nobody will give immediate money if there is no personal relation or benefit. We are also same, we are giving you the opportunity in exchange we receive some profit.


Why you should trust us for Payza to bKash

01. Trusted team since 2004.

02. Positive review all over the net.

03. Within 10 minutes pay, money back guaranteed if anything wrong.

04. All transaction from authorized email. We do not use free Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail account.

05. All our transactions run from Business Bank Account, nothing hidden.

06. We do face to face transaction for 200 or more USD.

07. No hidden fees, no fuss.

08. No hassle, you send we send, done.

We also help you recharge payza account if needed. Recharge your Payza account from us. Just call 01737570077

How to start sending Payza to bKash?

Call 01737570077 first.

Ask for an email address.

Send the money.

Give bKash personal number (for a big amount you can request bank transfer).

Receive fund


Please call 01737570077 to know more


Due to high rate of fraud transaction this service is not available, please call for update.

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