how to have a verified paypal account from bangladesh

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
Jill replied 6 months ago

There’s an alternate method to having one for bangladesh, you can’t have it straight there .

There’s a method that this forum:
discussed it, so I suggest you go there and check it out

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payoutbd Staff answered 4 years ago

It is not legally permitted to have a paypal account from Bangladesh
You can run account from your relative.
To verify paypal account you can use Neteller, Payoneer card, Payoneer US bank transfer.
Neteller and payoneer card is available for Bangladesh also.
I gave you clue and use your brain to do so.
NB: You can use VPN for any foreign account which is not permitted to use in Bangladesh.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

i got my payoneer master card in march.. but till now i can not open a paypal account by that.. the account number i get from the payoneer master card, everytime when i give routing number and account number paypal show “Sorry, some information is missing”.. how can i open a paypal account using that card?

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Do you think it would be a good idea to have Auction Essistance create me a PayPal account?

Paypal answered 1 year ago

Can I use paypal Vcc for paypal verification Thank you

Md SHALEH AKRAM answered 3 weeks ago

For purchasing US PayPal Verify account

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