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1$ = 77.6 TK (Send)
1$ = 76.0 TK (Receive)   Updated: 07/08/14

This is a volunteer based service. Money send is based on availability of fund.

Who we are and Why PayOutBD

Who we are
We are a group of people, mainly freelancers. Some talented people earn but can not get money on hand. Some other people need some immediate items to buy.

We are the group to help them.
Situation 1
Bashar earned $87 from a website in two months after hard work. When Bashar want to get the money he is hopeless. From Bangladesh there is no PayPal. Only bank check avaliable. Bank asked $60 to clear the fund.

There need PayOutBD.
Situation 2
Rashed got a buyer. The buyer is very friendly and helpful. The buyer agreed to pay monthly $75. Rashed is very much happy with the amount. But Rashed has no Paypal. Wire transfer need about $35.

There need a solution.
Situation 3
Jannat is doing BBA. Jannat manages her tuition fees by working on a shop. Due to some sickness, Jannat managed some amount and she need more $350, it is immediate. Her father has money but it will take much time.

There need a helping hand.
Situation 4
Professor Dr. Mamun, studying on genetics. A new book on genetics can help him very much. He is so much interested to buy it. It is a PDF book. Need $75.

There need somebody to let the job done.
PayOutBD is helping them all the way. We help to receive money from outside which increase our remittance. This encourage our people to earn from outsides. We solve immediate and emergency needs to pay as well.

Call: 01737570077

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